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RECAP Heritage Square Meet UP 4/24/22

Updated: May 1, 2022

Last week concerned citizens had a met up at Gulley's Butcher Shop. The meeting was organized by Diana Gulley and Nicole Maki. Both are downtown business owners and like many who attended want to make sure that Heritage Square is transformed into a wonderful outdoor, shareable space.

One idea that Diana and Nicole have initiated is starting a non profit. This will offer additional support in applying for grants and raising funds for this large community project.

We discussed how to reach out to the ADHDA for project support. The idea of a booth at the Sunday Market to rally support for our projects was rejected by the ADHDA as they see this as a political movement. We have some group members that are members of ADHDA and we will discuss further how we can work with the ADHDA organization.

We discussed how we will work with the city and what support we need from the city to start solidifying our ideas.

We asked people to sign up for interest in board positions and committees

We will have a meeting at the RiverSea Gallery within the next few weeks.

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