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Citizens for Astoria Oregon UPDATE

We launched our survey last week. We have created many access points for a variety of ways to communicate about our organization.

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The format of the survey allows you to choose more than one option,

with a write in area at the end of each question.

There are three questions.

We have received 20+ responses to date

1. What would you like to see in an open public space in the center of downtown Astoria?

87.5% - A place for community events

37.5% - A place to showcase the rich history of Astoria

62.5% - A place for ceremonies and celebrations

37.5% - A quiet oasis

OPEN ideas

A clock

Parking garage and arena with covered market space

A community gathering place

Use for public events, farmer's markets and local crafts

Musical events and entertainment

A fountain

Towne Square

Market space covered and parking garage

Picnic area

Covered gazebo

Historical timelines

Flexible year round use

A sculpture park with fountain

A simple plaza with a number of shade trees and benches

Soft natural paving such as decomposing granite

A community garden

Green space

Space for the Sunday Market

Music, entertainment, public space

A covered stage


2. Ideally what features would the open space possess?

81% - Benches

81% - Trees

52% - Gardens

29% - Covered Picnic Area

81% - Amphitheater

57% - Parking

48% - Covered Stage

24% - Monument

52% - Historical Information

OPEN ideas

Chamber Info


Service the Community

A space for the community to gather

the amphitheater could be a 30-36" deep sunken area with seating steps on all sides so that he stage area could be on all sides depending on seasonal sun angels.

Bird houses

native trees and plants

A fountain

Easy maintenance

Seating and a stage

Parking with rooftop terrace for events


Water feature

Music venue

3. Would you be willing to contribute to this project?

29% - A Tree

33% - A Bench

42% - Pavement Block

33% - Money

83% - Time

33% - Professional Services

OPEN Ideas